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Beach Crutches, Sand Pad


Engineered from 70 shore hardness ethylene propylene diene Monomer (M-class) rubber, the SandPad™ is a scientifically designed ambulatory aid that provides a wider base of stability for those using crutches, canes or walkers on beaches or other sandy terrain. Available in both 8" and 6" inch sizes, the SandPad's™ circular design supports a user's weight allowing them to easily walk across beaches without sinking into the sand. Its ergonomic design utilizing support ribs and a flexible rubber elastomer make it both lightweight and stable for the user. Easy to attach, the SandPad™ provides a new and exciting solution for crutch, cane and walker users that wish to maintain an active and healthy summertime lifestyle.


Each individual SandPad™ fits standard ¾" to 1" inch crutch, cane and walker tip sizes.

The 8" inch diameter SandPad™ is for crutch use by men. The 6" inch diameter SandPad™ is for crutch use by women, teens and children. They are also for senior use with canes and walkers.

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All SandPads™ come with a lifetime guarantee.

(U.S. Patent Number 8,678,021)